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The Impact of Teacher-Student Relationships on Teacher Motivation and Burnout

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dc.description.abstract With an ongoing shortage of teachers nationwide, it is imperative to identify factors that may contribute to teachers leaving the profession. The purpose of this study was to investigate how interpersonal relationships between teachers and students in grades seven through 12 impact teacher motivation and teacher burnout. This study took place in a large Northern California school district, consisting of 54 schools. The district serves approximately 40,000 students, in which around 80 percent are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Two primary research questions were answered utilizing a mixed-methods research approach consisting of an explanatory sequence design. Quantitative data was collected utilizing an online survey consisting of 20 five-point Likert scale items. A sample of 84 participants completed survey. Qualitative data was collected by conducting face-to-face semi-structured interviews with a subsample of nine participants. Utilizing the Pearson Linear Correlation analysis, the quantitative findings indicated several correlations and statistical significance between multiple variables, including positive relationships and job satisfaction, positive teacher-student interactions and job satisfaction, relational capacity and job satisfaction, negative relationships and burnout, negative teacher-student interactions and burnout, and consideration of a change in profession and burnout. The qualitative findings identified eleven themes, which were determined to contribute to the quality of teacher-student relationships. These themes include: teacher-student interactions, building community and culture, trust and respect, student behavior, making connections to develop rapport, job satisfaction, level of stress at work, perceptions of students, feelings towards students, motivational factors, and perceived student beliefs about the teacher. en_US
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dc.title The Impact of Teacher-Student Relationships on Teacher Motivation and Burnout en_US

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